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Artworks and research 1997-2000

From 1997 - 2000 Richard Galpin was engaged in artwork and research around the theme of the erasure of text and images. These themes find echoes in Richard Galpin's later works in relation to the erasure or preservation of traces of history in cities during processes of development. 

Richard Galpin's essay 'Erasure in Art: Destruction, Deconstruction and Palimpsest' has been available online since 1999 as a popular resource for students and researchers and is due to be published in the upcoming MIT press and Whitechapel Gallery publication: 

DESTRUCTION: Documents of Contemporary Art Anthology. (editor.Sven Spieker, 2017)


'No News in Good News',  a series of works made with correction fluid on newspaper,


'Margins of Philosophy' a series of works made with graphite on unprimed canvas that transposed the comments made in the margins of library books, divorced from the original text.

'Scratchcards' a series of large works made with rub-removable scratchcard ink on board.

'Painting-out Uncle Eddies Legacy' 1934-1999, (1999), an installation of painted-out paintings.

'Polyptychs' a series of works with postage stamps arranged on canvas with the central image of each stamp painted out.

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