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Walworth Neighbourhood Food Model

Transforming the food system is necessary and urgent for the health of people and the planet. In Walworth we want to discover: how can our neighbourhood transform its own food system? How can we create opportunities for people to come together and build new collaborations and partnerships around food? How can we increase community governance of local assets, create new community-led enterprises, and better-paid food jobs?

No single organisation or initiative can solve the problems of the food system on its own. That’s why we’ve started work on the Walworth Neighbourhood Food Model: an ambitious, long-term approach focussed on tackling the root causes of food insecurity, and the harm caused by the existing food system. 

The Neighbourhood Food Model is made up of a set of projects and partnerships to test interventions and understand the best ways to accelerate change. It also includes the infrastructure to support learning and collaboration.

By implementing the Neighbourhood Food Model, we aim to create a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food system that addresses the challenges faced by our community.

Together, we can transform the way we grow, distribute, and consume food, fostering a healthier and more inclusive neighbourhood.

Building an alternative neighbourhood-based food system in Walworth, south London. 

A long-term vision, pilot interventions, and the learning infrastructure needed to build collaboration

Project Partners:  Pembroke House & Local Partner Organisations, Southwark Council

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