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Alberta Fruit Commons

When the Alberta Estate was built in the late 1950s, fruit trees formed a significant part of the planting in communal garden areas. Research suggests this was part of a 1950's model of a 'healthy living' estate.


Alberta Fruit Commons was formed with the support of the Alberta Tenants and Residents Association to care for the remaining fruit trees, and re-establish fruit growing across the estate. Regular events foster relationships between residents, encouraging relations between generations, between disparate communities, and between physically disconnected parts of the estate.


The new tree planting focuses on long-term resilience. Hard landscaping elements incorporate the use of concrete (an unusual choice of material for a community gardening project) echoing and extending the palate of materials used in the original design of the estate.


Project Website:


Project Facebook page.

Supported by United St Saviour's Charity.

Urban food growing project,

Alberta Estate, Southwark, London

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