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West Walworth Winter Wassail

Wassailing is an ancient custom intended to bring life to the orchard in the depths of winter and wish for good health in the year ahead.


Our West Walworth Wassail is a celebration and tour of community gardening groups in the area: Pullens Centre & Pullens Park, Penton Place/Manor Place Allotments, Alberta Fruit Commons, Kennington Park Rd TRA, Newington Estate, Draper Hall.



Dancers: Tinkus San Simon.

Music: Shim Fillmore.

Video + stills: Kat, Mari, Richard, Sandy.

Sound edit: Paul Galpin

Video edit: Taigh Romanczuk.

Event team: Richard, Mari, Kat, Dot, Sandy, Diana, Vince, Georgeina, Ben, Louise, Alex, Olcay, Peter, and many more...

Annual Celebration of Community Gardening Groups

Walworth, Southwark, London

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